Zakros Beach

Kato Zakros is a traditional fishing village located 107km east of Agios Nikolaos and 40km east of Sitia. It is the picturesque harbor of Ano Zakros village (located 7km on the west), situated in a fertile valley with olive groves surrounded by rough mountains. The area is one of the most remote areas of Crete and is ideal for those seeking tranquility, away from the bustling daily life of cities; families will love it.

Here you will find a small village with all the basic amenities, but do not look for luxury. The residents are mainly concerned with producing some of the best olive oil in the world. The area is full of archaeological sites (here is the famous Minoan palace of Zakros) and therefore it remains underdeveloped (building is limited). However, you will find some rooms, taverns, mini markets, pharmacy and petrol station. There are also bus routes running from Sitia. People in Zakros are very friendly and will make you feel like home. 



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